Saturday, 12 April 2014

That's right, I have a blog don't I?

Oh, hi! Remember me? Don’t bother answering, you will only hurt my feelings. Once again I’ve been away from this here blog for quite some time. I never intend to leave but one day turns into two and suddenly months have passed. I suppose I should address the lipstick challenge I was previously doing…I stopped. *insert some kind of sheepish but overall not too guilty face here* Lazyness overcame me and It just stopped. I did think it was a good idea to get me to use all those under utilised lipsticks in my collection and I still do but I’m just going to do it in a much less formal capacity because, you know what? Makeup is meant to be fun. Adding rules to it somewhat takes away that fun, spontaneous and creative aspect of it. So back I go to slapping whatever I feel like it on my lips. The project did end up serving its purpose though; I have pulled myself out of the rut I was in of just wearing the same two lipsticks over and over again, so I’m going to call it a success regardless. 

Well there you go, this is me attempting to recommit once again to my poor neglected blog. I really do what to write on here much more often. Since that is what I want I shall have to make sure that it actually happens this time (as opposed to all the other times I’ve said such things but then decided that a nap sounded a much more appealing prospect).

I hope all you lovely people are well and being more productive than my somewhat rubbish self. Wishing you all the most charming of weekends.

-     - Lesley

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