Saturday, 17 May 2014


As far as story telling goes, books are my medium of choice but to be honest, I will consume stories in any and all mediums I can find. I love them all and they all have their merits. I am a big fan of television. I love the flexibility of the medium and the way it lets you really get to know the characters. I just wanted to take the time to recommend some shows I've been watching recently.

1. Fargo is a brand new American drama that started this year. I believe it's only going to run for 10 episodes all up and I've only seen the first 3 so far but it is GOOD. As you may have picked up, the show is based on the 1996 movie of the same name. The show is set in the same universe as the film but doesn't follow the same plot or include the same characters. The humour; however, is just as dark and messed up as the movie and for that I am entirely grateful. The cast is what drew me in since it stars Martin Freeman and the always lovely Colin Hanks but it's the writing that has me hooked. I can't wait to see how this twisted and really rather violent story will unfold. I'm assuming it won't involve a wood chipper this time around but you never can tell.

2. QI is a quiz show I've been addicted to for years. Hosted by the ever wonderful Stephen Fry with regular guest Alan Davies and a string of other wonderful people coming and going it's no wonder why. I've seen every episode of this show so far mutiple times and whenever Morgan and I don't know what we're in the mood to watch this is one of the things we reach for first. If for some reason you haven't checked out this hilarious and really Quite Interesting (do you see what I did there?) show then I highly encourage you to do so.

3. Absolutely Fabulous is one of the most ridiculous and infuriating shows I've ever seen and I love it. After reading Jennifer Saunders memoir, Bonkers, recently I was in the mood for a rewatch. Currently in the middle of season 3 and Eddie and Patsy constantly make me crazy with their bullshit but it's a good kind of crazy. They are so hilariously alien that you can't help but laugh (even if it is sometimes with frustration).

4. Mad Men. The final season of this wonderful period drama is currently airing and I definitely have mixed feelings about it coming to an end. I'm curious to see what's going to happen and am sad there won't be anymore in a few short weeks but I'm excited to go back to the start and rewatch from the beginning once it's all over. The characters have come quite a way in the seven season's that it's been on tv and watching them from the start, knowing where it is each one of them ends up will be a completely separate experience. If you haven't tried Mad Men, definitely give it a go. Many of the characters are selfish and unlikable but something about it draws you in and makes you care or at the very least makes you interested to see what will happen next.

What shows have you been watching recently?

- Lesley

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang | Ian Fleming

Monday, 12 May 2014

National Book Bloggers Forum

Let me tell you about my morning. Actually lets go back to a bit over a week ago first: I was browsing around on the internet, looking up bookish things, as I am very much want to do, and I came across news that Random House and Penguin were holding the first National Book Bloggers Forum to coincide with the Sydney Writers Festival. I was (as I'm sure you can guess) extremely excited about this prospect. I immediately registered my interest at attending and sat back to await the response. Skip forward to this morning when I still hadn't heard any word but had heard of the possibility that vloggers weren't being included. Disappointed, I decided to email and double check for myself and GUESS WHAT!? Turns out that the lovely Kirsty over at Random House had in fact emailed me prior, letting me know I had a spot as long as I wanted it but through the wonders of the internet and my own personal incompetency, I hadn't received it. Kirsty, very sweetly, dealt with my ridiculous self and assured me that all was well and I was very welcome to attend the upcoming event.
Guys! This is exciting news! I am a huge Random House and Penguin fangirl, this you know. I was thrilled when the two wonderful publishers merged and if it means such wonderful events as this, my excitement can do nothing but grow. I will of course report in full detail the events of the day, probably through visual means but I may write up another blog post or two depending. But for now I only have one more thing to share with you.

This lovely little badge basically says it all. Thanks again Random House and Penguin for supporting the Australian Book Blogging and Vlogging community.


Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Currently Coveting #1

In the immortal words of Lily Allen, 'I am a weapon of massive consumption'. In honour of that sentiment these are the bits that I'm currently lusting over.

1. This adorable little Edgar Allan Poe print pouch is from one of my favourite online destinations, I often find myself stuck on their site, looking at all the wonderful literary merch but this Poe pouch is the thing my greedy little eyes most want at the moment.

2. I'm a huge fan of ankle boots and have been looking for a pair with a bit of a heel that don't look too difficult to walk in and this pair from Rubi Shoes seem ideal.

3. Makeup is not a department in which I lack. I already own more than I can easily use but I've had my eye on this gorgeous makeup palette from Too Faced Cosmetics for a little while now. I've tried other eyeshadows from this brand before and the quality has been wonderful and the colours in this palette are just too pretty so I will definitely be keeping an eye out for this beauty.

4. The last thing I'm guilty of coveting at the minute is this book from David A Price on the history of The Pixar animation studio. I'm a huge animation fan and while most of my interest is geared towards vintage animation, Pixar are responsible for my favourite modern animated features and shorts so reading a little bit more about their process and how they've become so internationally successful sounds like a fun use of time to me.

If you enjoy this kind of post, please let me know! They're a lot of fun to write. :)



Monday, 5 May 2014

Hugh Laurie, Letting it Rain

This weekend I was lucky enough to have tickets to see Hugh Laurie and The Copper Bottom Band in one of my all time favourite venues, Newcastle's Civic Theatre. If you follow Hugh Laurie's vast and varied career, you'll know that he often gets a chance to show off his musical talents in his acting roles but the last few years he's been putting in the extra hours and has so far released two fantastic bluesy cover albums, Let Them Talk and Didn't It Rain. Being a fan of the albums and of Hugh Laurie in general my boyfriend and I jumped at the chance to see Laurie and his band perform live. Expectations were high but I'm thrilled to report that they were far exceeded.

Hugh Laurie and the Copper Bottom Band was one of the best live shows I've ever been lucky enough to witness and I've been to more than my share in my short 27 years. By the end of the 2.5 hour performance my hands, throat and cheeks were numb from clapping, cheering and smiling practically non stop.

This is the part where I'd love to share the highlights with you but the whole damn thing was one giant high. The only low was when Hugh and the band finally disappeared off the stage for good after two wonderful encores.

The incredible Mr Laurie was a ball of inspiring energy the entire time. He was smart, witty, sarcastic, sincere and utterly ridiculous at times. It was hard to tear your eyes off him but tear you must because the rest of the band were just too impressively entertaining to be denied. The seven piece, Copper Bottom Band were seven of the best musicians I've ever witnessed. Their talent, their presence and their incredible ability to really 'perform' for their audience was more than I would have ever have dared to hope for. Saturday night will easily go down as one of the best I have ever spent. If you're a fan of Hugh Laurie and truly wonderful music please do check out his two wonderful albums. They are certainly worth the time.