Friday, 2 January 2015


Happy New Year, my beautiful readers! I have been wanting to make this here neglected blog a little more active for some time now but without much luck, however; a project I’m about to get started on may assist in changing all that. It’s called Project Hitch and essentially it’s going to be me and my boyfriend, Morgan, watching an Alfred Hitchcock movie every week (most probably on Sundays) for the entire year or until his movies run out (which if I can find all the movies on my list should actually end up being the same thing).

We’re going to be watching every movie that has a directorial credit from Alfred Hitchcock, including his silent films from the 1920s, in chronological order. 

Every week a new blog post will go up, chatting about that week’s film, what it was about and what I thought of it and then at the end of each month a video recap of that months films will go up on the WordsofaReader Youtube channel, hopefully including Morgan when we can manage it so you’ll get to hear two perspectives on the films.

I for one am super excited for this project. I’ve been wanting to talk more about films to you guys and I’ve also been wanting to dive deeper into Hitchcock’s prolific and impressive career, so I think this will work out perfectly. If at any point anyone else would like to join in, in anyway, each post will include the title of the next weeks film so feel free to watch along with us where possible and share your thoughts. I’m going to be using the hashtag #ProjectHitch all year so be sure to use the hashtag on social media if there’s anything you want to chat to me about in regards to this project.

The first film that we’ll be watching this Sunday the 4th of January will be The Pleasure Garden from 1925. Be sure to check back to hear more about it next week.

- Lesley


  1. I am a ninny. I totally thought #ProjectHitch would be you getting hitched (aka married). LOL. This one sounds more exciting than taffeta and invitations. Don't forget about the television show, Hitchcock Presents. There are some gems in there. I look forward to reading and watching the reviews!

  2. I always get so excited when people get into talking about movies! Definitely stoked for this project :)
    I'm particularly a fan of the subject matter because I live pretty close to Bodega Bay and Birds is pretty much the only claim to fame we hold on to!

  3. This sounds really interesting! I've actually only watched Psicosis and really liked it so I'm really looking to forward to this project. :)