Monday, 2 December 2013

December TBR?

I'm not one for monthly to be read lists. I like picking and choosing from my shelves as the mood strikes and not being confined to a certain few books but the last few months there seems to be an abundance of books which I either want to read one per month (such as works by W. Somerset Maugham and the Flavia de Luce series) or have been requested to read or want to read at the same time as someone else, so much so that my books for the month seems to be half chosen before I even begin. I have yet to decide if this is a good or a bad thing but it's certainly different from how my reading months were in the past. As far as December goes I'm currently reading my Maugham book of the month, which this time is Up at the Villa and the Flavia de Luce volume I'm up to is fortuitously the Christmas themed book, I Am Half-Sick of Shadows. And being December I wanted to try and fit in a couple of other seasonal reads so I've chosen A Child's Christmas in Wales as well as Christmas at Cold Comfort Farm in an effort to get me into the holiday spirit.

While I'm not hugely fond of having my month set out for me, I'm rather excited for all of these reads and they still leave plenty of room for me to browse my extensive collection and see what else takes my fancy. :D
 What do you plan on reading this month? Do you like planning what to read or are you more spontaneous with your reading choices?


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