Saturday, 28 March 2015

Murder! | #ProjectHitch

This week’s Project Hitch film, Murder! (1930) was a step up from the disappointing experience last week with Juno and the Paycock

Murder! is a step back into Hitchcock’s realm of suspense with a good old fashion who done it. The movie starts off with the death of a young women, once part of an acting troupe. Her body is found next to a confused co-star with blood on her dress, unable to remember what has transpired. As the film continues we are introduced to the cast of characters, most of which are potential suspects.
The characters themselves range from likeable to irritating, confusing to downright unhelpful (as far as the police and their less than adequate detective work goes.)

Murder! is the type of movie, you spend the whole time coming up with theories for, constantly second guessing the characters and their motives. I think in most cases the audience is on to the actual killer long before our other characters manage to figure it out but the intrigue is still fun while it lasts.

While Murder! isn’t the best of its kind, it’s still incredibly entertaining to watch and one I wouldn’t be opposed to watching again at some point.

Be sure to join me next time to find out how I enjoyed The Skin Game.


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