Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Korean Beauty Haul | BeautyNetKorea Review

Hi guys! I have recently been fascinated by the idea of Korean cosmetics. They seem to have such unique products compared to what I can find readily in Australia so after much browsing around on different Korean shopping websites I finally made an order from BeautyNetKorea. Above are the products I picked out to try and let me tell you, I feel an addiction coming on. I'm so pleased with the 5 products I picked out and was so surprised at how affordable they all are.

BeautyNetKorea, unlike most other websites I've come across, offers free shipping and my package took a little over two weeks to get to me, which when you're excited to play with new beauty products can feel like a lifetime but in reality is quite good since it came all the way from South Korea. I also want to mention that they threw in some skincare samples with my order, most of which I've already used up. So now I'm also in the market for some Korean skincare because those samples were phenomenal!

On to the products!

1.) The first item I picked up is this liquid blush from Peripera in the shade #4 Shy Pink. For starters the packaging is adorable! But I really like the product too. It's a super pale and natural shade of pink. The formula is very light and liquidy and blends super easily. I would not recommend this shade to anyone with a darker skin tone though as it only just shows up on my skin (which for reference, I'm a NW15 from MAC).

2.) The second item was super exciting to me as I've seen this kind of product pop up all over the internet recently. This is a Chubby Jelly lip tint in the shade Cherry Red and what is different about this is the way you apply it. Inside the tube is a thick coloured gel that you apply all over your lips and leave for 10 to 15 minutes. After the time is up and the product has dried to a rubber-like consistency, you than peel it off your lips. What is left behind is a beautiful but long lasting stain. This, I more or less got as a novelty but I actually really like the effect and was super surprised at how nice and comfortable it felt on my lips, since I was expecting it to be at least a little bit drying.

3.) This next product is from The Face Shop and it is their Pink Cushion Blusher. Essentially this is just a pale pink powder blush but I love it way more than I thought I was going to. This was basically a packaging buy for me since I adore it's little cardboard casing and little puff complete with pink ribbon inside but I love the way this looks on my skin. It's more pigmented than the liquid blush and does such a nice job of brightening my complexion.

4.) If you follow me on instagram (@picsofareader) you would have already seen a swatch of this product. It's a lip tint from Tony Moly in the shade #01 Cherry Pink. This tint is gorgeous! It's a dark, almost red, pink that can be worn intensely or more sheered out and it lasts all day on me, even with multiple lip balm top ups. I've never found anything that lasts this well and feels this light in a western brand makeup item. I am definitely on the lip tint band wagon! Which brings us on to the last item...

5.) The 5th and final item I ordered from BeautyNetKorea is this Juice Tint from The Saem in the shade #05 Cranberry Juice and it's a toss up as to which tint I prefer. This tint lasts equally as long as the Tony Moly tint and I like the colour just as much. This same line actually has some other colours I'd like, namely the Strawberry Juice and Tomato Juice. I'm sure this won't be the last Saem product I try out. Utterly impressed!

So that's it or my little BeautyNetKorea haul.I am definitely a Korean cosmetics convert and can't wait to try out more products. Have you tried any Korean makeup before? I would love to hear your recommendations!


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