Monday, 13 April 2015

Number Seventeen | #ProjectHitch

As Mentioned in the previous #ProjectHitch post, I was unable to find the next movie on my watch list, Rich and Strange. I will keep looking for a copy as the year progresses and watch it later on if I get the chance but for now I’ve skipped ahead to Number Seventeen from 1932.

Number Seventeen takes us back into Hitchcock’ familiar world of suspense by way of an abandoned house, a dead body, stolen diamonds, eerie candle lit scenes and an untrustworthy cast of characters.
The film begins with Detective Barton (played by John Stuart) wandering about an abandoned house (the number of which you may be able to guess?). The house is dimly lit, allowing for some gorgeous and very recognisably Hitchcock cinematography to take place.

Hitch loves him a good camera shot

Within house number 17, Barton comes across two bodies, one apparently dead the other very much alive. The live body belong to the comic relief character of the picture, Ben (played by Leon M. Lion). Ben is, I would assume, homeless, and is only in the house to find some shelter. I personally loved Ben and all his ludicrous antics, from brushing a sausage (found in his jacket) on his sleeve to clean it, to faking his own death before “helpfully” hitting the wrong person on the head during a fight, he was a breath of refreshingly silly air.

The story line got a little tangled at times but overall Number Seventeen was a fun and intriguing romp with enough double crosses and false turns to keep me interested until the very end. Would gladly watch again, if only to spend some more time with Ben. 

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