Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year!

Well it's the 2nd of January and while very little has happened so far I'm determined to enjoy 2014. Started the new year by celebrating with a bunch of good people, food and wine and just got back from seeing The Hobbit. Even if I don't think these movies are as good as The Lord of the Rings trilogy it's always lovely visiting middle earth and am glad to have The Hobbit as the first cinema trip of the year.

It's unbearably hot today (damn you Australian summer!) so I think it's time for a glass of something cold and a few chapters of Jane Eyre, which I'm reading for the first time. Is anyone even remotely surprised that I'm already in love with it?

I thought not.

Hope you're all having a lovely New year thus far and that it will continue on in a wonderful fashion.

- Lesley


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  1. How are you getting on with Jane Eyre?? I loved that book!!!!!! Loving your blog!!