Sunday, 12 January 2014

LC #2 - Wild Orchid from Revlon

 Week one of my Lipstick Challenge went beautifully. I loved getting some use out of my beautiful Chanel lipstick in Cambon but I was definitely excited to pick out my next weekly shade this morning. I ended up choosing a little worn Revlon shade of mine called Wild Orchid. This beautiful fuchsia lipstick is stunning in the tube and on my lips but I rarely pick it out of my collection due to the blue/purple sheen that runs through it. I'm always a little hesitant, thinking it will end up looking way too over the top but as you can tell from this picture the sheen is pretty subdued on the lips. I've heard tell that this shade is also a dupe for Mac's Show Orchid lipstick but I don't own that one to compare. This lipstick is certainly less of an everyday shade for me so it will be interesting to see how I last a week without being able to default to my old standby, the red lip.
A few of you have shown interest in joining in on this challenge and I think that's wonderful! If you too have trouble using more then one or two select lipsticks in your collection please feel free to join in this effort to utilise our lipsticks, whether you want to document the experience or not. :D


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